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Name of the researcher: Hasan Morei Ali

Qualification: Archaeologist

Project Title: Oral History a source for cultural and natural heritage documentation. A case study from the Eastern Sector Within the territory of Palmyra of the Syrian Steppes (Badia)

Definition of the project: This project is a study to document a specific set of cultural and natural heritage sites scattered across the eastern section of Syrian Badia outside the city centre of Palmyra. Hundreds of sites and buildings in the Syrian Badia, which include archaeological sites dating back to different eras (Al-Kom sites , Al-Waziih, Al-Bagali khan and An-Nazimi Tombs …), historical buildings, as well as natural heritage sites (Caves, springs , Reserves – and Oasis) will be the target of this research . The project’s main focus will be documenting these sites and areas depending on local references as a main source of information. Local references include testimonials, audio recordings, videos, and photos from the local population, with the help of scientific references and previous studies.According to interviews that conducted with local population 26 sites were documented from the Eastern Sector Within the territory of Palmyra of the Syrian Badia, in future the author intends  transfer to documentation the cultural and natural heritage sites in the another sectors within the territory of Palmyra.

This work aim contribute to

  • Saving and protecting the cultural and natural heritage sites and historic monuments in the Syrian Badia from loss and extinction, and countering the attempts by certain groups to permanently destroy and wipe out these sites from the Syrian memory.
  • Providing well-referenced information and sources to enable researchers and planners to use it in the reconstruction and planning on a sustainable basis in the Syrian Badia.
  • Adding a new scientifically prepared reference about the Syrian Badia to the libraries.
  • Linking all documented and important elements of the study in a regional plan for the protection, preservation and development of cultural and natural sites/areas in the Syrian Badia.

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